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Deigo Armando Maradona- Professional Footballer

Deigo Armando MaradonaDeigo Armando Maradona

Born on October 30, 1960, Agentina

Born in financially poor but close knit family, Deigo Armando Maradona commenced to this field at an age of 3 when he received soccer ball as a gift. Though a professional player, he spoiled his own reputation after engaging in drug abuse. Being a part of trivial team ‘Los Cebollitas’, he led the team to amazing 136-unbeaten streak. He made his professional debut right before his 16th birthday.  He not only played for Argentina but also played for other clubs of Italy and Spain.

Professional Soccer Player:

Maradona made his name prominent after he played in World Cup 1986. He led his Argentina team win the trophy for that very year. Also he played in three World Cup’s representing Argentina. He scored total of 34 goals in 91 international appearances. Maradona was quite famous for dribbling ability and his fierce attack against defenders.
Maradona indulged into the use of cocaine when he was playing for Spain in 1980’s. He was suspended to play football for 15-months when lab reported positive for the use of substance in the year 1991. In 1994, he was again tested as being positive for the use of ephedrine during World Cup’s. This result further downgraded his reputation amongst public.
His physical abilities deteriorated after various injuries and hard-living. Thus, he announced his retirement during his Birthday Eve in 1997.

Deigo Armando Maradona

Argentinean Soccer battler: Deigo Armando Maradona thrills as he plays

After his retirement:

Maradona’s health severely deteriorated after his retirement period when he still continued to play football. He underwent gastrick-bypass surgery to help stem his obesity. In 2000 he was hospitalized because of respiratory problem.

And again in 2004, it was the same but the difference was that 2nd time he couldn’t breathe properly without the use of respirator. He suffered from major Myocardinal Infraction in 2004 after overuse of cocaine.
Internet poll was created where Maradona was announced the top Player of 20th century. This announcement was controversial when panels announced that Pele was also equally fit for this position. Maradona envied this Brazilian legendary and was strongly dissatisfied to share the same stage with him.
Maradona was hired as a coach to train Argentinean team in 2008. Later when another Argentinean legend, Messi bounced back by thrashing Germany in the quarter finals match of World Cup-2010, Maradona’s contract was not renewed to coach Argentinean players.

Deigo Armando Maradona

 Deigo Armando Maradona coaches his players

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Maradona’s tarnished image- Breaking News:

Maradona spoiled his own reputation after engaging in drug abuse. He was found to use high amount of cocaine and ephedrine. He was also suspended to play for 15 months though most of the European clubs wanted his name in their book.
Maradona was also found to have ‘illegitimate son’ and there was a rumor that he had a close relationship with an underground criminal organization in Naples-Camorra.
There was a lot more scandals because of his crime. Despite all this, he was marked as a hero of Napoli. He is still adored by public as the best player of his century and all times.

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Rewards & Achievements:

He won Golden Ball award in 1986 FIFA World Cup. Also he was also recognized with Diamond Konex Award for being ultimate sportsman of the decade. And he was recognized as FIFA Player of the decade along with Pele. In 2002 World Cup he was rewarded with ‘Best Goal Ever’. In 2010, Times chose him as Greatest 10 World Cup Players of all times. He is the only player to win Golden Ball Award at FIFA U-20 World Cup and FIFA World Cup in 1979 & 1986 respectively.

Deigo Armando Maradona

World Cup victory

Personal Life:

He was married twice. He was married to Claudia Villafane in 1984 and had two daughters with her. They divorced in 2004. During this proceeding, it was said that he had an illegitimate son-Deigo Sinagra, who is also a football player now.  His second marriage was with Veronica Ojeda and they were blessed with a son.

Deigo Armando Maradona

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