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Rio Ferdinand | His Journey | Achievements | Personal Life

Rio Ferdinand:- Born on, November 7, 1978, the United Kingdom Rio Ferdinand began playing when he was 11 years

Rio FerdinandRio Ferdinand:- Born on, November 7, 1978, the United Kingdom

Rio Ferdinand began playing when he was 11 years old. First of all, he began as attack midfielder at Eltham Town. After that he  started his first Youth Training Scheme contract with West Ham United Youth’s club. He played a demo game in this club which got him accepted in this club.
In 1996, he began his professional career as a first professional team player. The same year he made senior debut with West Ham United’s Youth Club. To further improve his skills, he was sent to Bournemouth. He also made 10 temporary appearances on behalf of temporary club in the year 1996/1997.

Belonging to Franchises:

After returning back from Bournemouth, he became a part of West Ham franchise. With incredible performance made it possible for him to appear him for 127 times in a single game. He was able to score two goals for the franchise and also was recognized as Best Back of the club.

In 2000, he was transferred to Leeds. He contributed immensely to this franchise as well. He played in the Premier league. Also during his two seasons for this club, he netted two goals and played 54 games for this club.

Man United welcomes Rio:

Manchester United bosses are always ready to pay huge sum of money to any players meeting high performance standard. Likewise, Rio was also paid 20 million pounds to transfer himself to Man United from Leeds. Since 2002, he became official partner of this club.
Alex Ferguson who is everlasting club manager of Man United highly trusted Ferdinand for his explicit talent.  He was also responsible to perform in the key position of this group. Playing for more than a decade in this team, Ferdinand interrupted several matches with 8 goals along with his 544 appearances.

Man united team player

Since 2014, he freed himself from Man United and now acts as a free agent in QPR.

Playing for England throughout his professional career:

As a native from England, he played several games for his homeland. And he played 12 games for U-8 & U-12 team from 1996-2000. Also he appeared in Senior England team since 1997 and until 2011. As well as he also appeared in total of three world cups for England.

 England holds the trophy

Non-professional life:

Ferdinand married Rebecca Ellison from 2009 until her demise because of cancer. He has his three children from Ellison, who lives with their father. Ferdinand suffered from grief of untimely demise of his wife for quite longer period of time.

 Rebecca remains in his heart

He produced a show where he played pranks on his teammates. It was similar to that of Beckham’s ‘Bend it like Beckham’.

Rio Ferdinand led most difficult period of his life: Gossips:

According to news reports, Ferdinand expressed huge grief after the death of his wife. She died because of breast cancer. Seeing strong a strong women, completely lose her life at an early age of 34 made Ferdinand powerless. It was said that she had planned for her funeral, to free the family from this incident beforehand.
Ferdinand found himself lucky to get immense support from his Team (Manchester United) at this difficult moment. It was said that he hung up his boots after this incident. After tragic death, he officially announced tribute to his strong soul mate at QPR’s website.

The source too claimed that because of this tragic moment, Ferdinand wanted to sell the house as soon as possible and live in some other place. It further said that it was too upsetting and difficult to stay at that home without his wife, Rebecca.

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Reminiscence the moment while he was a part of Manchester United:

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