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LeBron James-Basketball Player | His Journey | Achievements | Personal Life

LeBron James Born on December 30, 1984, the USA Combination of his skills (athleticism and court vision) & size,

LeBron James

LeBron James

Born on December 30, 1984, the USA

Combination of his skills (athleticism and court vision) & size, with no doubt James has shown outstanding performance as a player of National Basketball Association (NBA).

LeBron James success with honor:

Starting with the school team, Basketball Legend, James worked tremendously hard to win most of his school matches. During his high school days, he would have plentiful fans in the stadium just to watch him play. Even after being injured during his high school days and having his wrist badly injured, James never gave up on his dream.


 LeBron James: Valuable NBA Player

Moving further to his career:

He got delineated in NBA in 2003. It was where he commenced his career. Cleveland Cavaliers signed the contract with James, where his inability was officially exposed in this very Franchise.

2004 season was when James received an honor: Rookie of the Year. His average was 20 points per game and fell among-st those 3 Rookies along with Michael Jordon and Oscar Robertson. His Olympic debut was in Athens where his team won Bronze medal for defeating against Lithuania.

Continuing with NBA:

The NBA star, James excelled professionally. The star broke NBA history when he scored more than 50 points as youngest player in 2005. He also got selected for NBA All- Star Game in this season and got repeated for following few seasons. He made another remarkable achievement when his team defeated the most powerful Franchise, ‘Washington Wizards’ in 2006. His contract was again renewed with Cleveland Cavaliers. Thereafter, he again continued to struggle in this Franchise. During season of 2007-08 he took the team to new level. This team was then defeated by Boston Celtics.


LeBron James as a Cavalier Player

LeBron James continues with Miami Heat:

  The contract with Cleveland ended up in 2010. There was heated discussion about where James would be. Thus, he decided to take up his career with Miami Heat.

He poured the team with success as of season 2012. The team won the championship in NBA Finals. Success followed up until season 2012-13. This was his final contribution to this Franchise.

Then it was the time when this outstanding athlete returned back to cavaliers. The Cavaliers was them able to claim their first championship in 2016.


LeBron James :Miami Heat wins

Beyond his career life:

Around 2003, James signed multiple endorsement deals with recognized companies amongst which one Foundationhappens to be Nike brand for $90 million. He makes his salary of around $46 million per year through his endorsement deals and his NBA deals.

As a philanthropist, James is an active supporter of the Boys & Girls Club of America, Children’s Defense Fund, and ONEXONE. He also has his own charity foundation, names after his own name- the LeBron James Family Foundation.


About LeBron’s relationship and his kids:

LeBron was engaged to his girlfriend Savannah Brinson with two male children.



James’s childhood sweetheart

Best Dunks of James on this career:

The why his followers gather up in the stadium just to watch him play:

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