Stan Wawrinka- Tennis Player | His Journey | Achievements | Personal Life

Stan Wawrinka

Born on March 28, 1985, Switzerland

Formerly known as Stanislas, a school drop-out, (Stan) an enthused tennis player, engaged to pursue tennis full-time since he was 15 years old.

Even as a child, he was an incredible tennis player. Striving towards success, he was able to become junior French Open Champion and was ranked 7th amongst the juniors world-wide. This was a quantum leap for his career.

Stan Wawrinka as Professional Player:

His professional career began in 2002. He was honored with ATP Victory in 2006. Hooked up to Swiss Superstar Roger Federer in 2008, they earned a gold medal in doubles at Beijing Olympics. Also the same year ended up recognizing Stan as 9th ranked, world-wide.

As in 2010, he was able to claim his 2nd ATP title. He was prolific at backhand playing. 2010 & 2011 were the year with his achievements and successes. He reached quarterfinals of U.S. Open in 2010 and Australian Open in 2011.

Achievements began to pace up after 2013 when he joined forces with coach Magnus Norman. Stan won his 4th title the same year at Portugal Open. The same year he was unable to defend one of the challenging players Novak Djokovic at U.S. Open. The following year he challenged Novak and won victory over him in quarterfinals at Australian Open. Winning over another challenging player, Rafael Nadal, he won his first Grand Slam Championship.

Beats Novak

Stan Wawrinka beats Novak

Victory over victory, he helped Swiss defeats French for Davis Cup Championship.

Davis Cup Championship

Swiss defeats French

Figurative character, Stan was centre of attention at the French Open in 2015. The same year he won his 2nd Grand Slam Championship title.
2016 was not so momentum for him. In early 2016, he was unable to claim the major titles. However he managed to take hold of some trivial matches. At the end of the same year he was able to take his 1st U.S. Open Title.



  • Left arm tattooed with:


“Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.

  • Stan Wawrinka married Swiss television personality, Ilham. He has a daughter named Alexia, whose name is tattooed on his lower right torso.


  • Stan Wawrinka announced his separation with Ilham on April, 2015:

They got married in 2009. But, a year later when Alexia was in Ilham’s womb, he separated with her saying that he needs to focus on his career. A year later their separation, he reunited with the family knowing that the family needed Stan.

He announced their separation for the second time on April, 2015.

Stan Wawrinka, the first tennis player to go nude:

Stan Wawrinka goes nude for the anticipated Body Issue. In the early preview of French Open, ESPN releases Stan posing nude with his Tennis racket for its latest magazine edition.

He says, “My body is for my tennis, it’s for my sports. I’m not a model at all. I don’t work out to go to the beach, I work out to play well and do well on the court.”

Running Nude

 Running Nude because of body issue

To check his professional backhand skills: