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Jason CollinsJason Paul Collins

Born on December 2, 1978, the USA

Retired player, played 13 seasons in National Basketball Association (NBA)

Jason Paul Collins was assigned to Basketball All-American Team by McDonald’s High School.  He along with his twin brother then enrolled at Stanford University and with them was basketball coach Mike Montgomery.

Jason spent his 2008 season in Minnesota and for the other three consecutive seasons he lived in Atlanta and played for Atlanta Hawks. It was in 2012 until 2013 that he played infrequently for Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics averaging just about 1.1 points and 1.6 rebounds per game. It was after this season that he claimed himself a free agent.

Jason Paul Collins

American professional basketball player Jason Paul Collins became the first active openly gay male athlete in the NBA.

Retired NBA player, Collins openly expressed himself as a gay professional basketball player. In 2014, through a first person articles published in Sports Illustrated, Collins wrote, “I’m a 34 year old NBA centre. I’m black. And I’m gay.” This was published while he was a free agent and wanted people to know about his sexuality. He further wrote, “You know what the real distraction is?  Having grown tired of guarding this secret.”  He wanted people to have glimpse on this article as he never felt comfortable playing basketball hiding his sexuality from public. Also, he regards it as a part of him that makes him unique from the rest.

Furthermore, after the Boston bombings that happened in 2013, he thought that life is impermanent and one must live it truthfully. As result, this made him desperate to reveal his secret and live as a free agent.

As in his career, Collins played with 6 professional teams and played for 2 NBA Finals.


His uncle was a gay, which never shocked his family from him being a gay.

After his retirement:

Collins continues to work with the NBA as an NBA Cares Ambassador, promoting health and fitness through basketball. He also works with various communities, charities and organizations such as the Billie Jean King Initiative to spread of diversity and inclusion in leadership.


Jason Paul Collins media appearance during his retirement

An American Model, Carolyn Moos just got to find her own way:

It was in 2009 when Collins decided to break up with Carolyn-his Ex Fiancée after sharing 8 years of vision and goals of togetherness with her. Carolyn says that his dream  shattered when Collins left her without any proper explanation. Where as, she dream of having children with Collins and sharing rest of their life together, but a single decision from Collins left her totally confused.

Grand Opening Of

Jason Paul Collins’s Ex Fiancée

Jason announcing his retirement on media: