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Derek JeterDerek Jeter

Born on June 26, 1974, the USA

Baseball in his blood, his career as a Baseball Player:

Making baseball his dream, he was into this sporting activity since his high school. Having won several national awards, he was awarded with High School Player of the year, 1992.

Jeter, a well known baseball player engaged in the Baseball career with New York Yankees. Enrolling in Yankees during his mid 1990s (1996), his stellar performance helped Yankees defeat World Series. Rolling on with this team, he was selected as Minor League Player of the year by several publications. In 1995 after disabling shortstop Tony Fernandez from the Yankee list, Jeter got a chance to showcase his major debut on May 29 against Seattle Mariners. This continuous struggle recognized him as a Major League Player in 1995. Recruited as the shortstop of Yankees, he made his Major League debut in the fifth inning of 7-1 Yankees victory.



This meticulous player

Starting off with the year 1997, Yankees signed a contract of $540,000 with Jeter along with some bonuses.

He was the lead batsman during American League Division series. Despite all his unjustifiable effort, Yankees lost the match against Cleveland Indians in this very series.

The stellar player, participated in the first ever “World Baseball Classic” representing the USA in 2005.

His painstaking contribution to the Yankees, the Team USA helped create significant milestones to the team as a whole. Derek Jeter also managed to create significant landmark for himself too when was rewarded as the Third youngest player ever to collect 2,500th hit.

Uncountable are his achievements:

  1. Derek Jeter won the World Series most valuable player award in 2000.
  2. He proved to take Yankees to the top and win 27th World Championship against Angles & Phillies during the year-2009.
  3. Despite suffering from major injury with his shoulder separated, he won the distinguished Golden Gove award in 2004, 4005, 2006, 2009, 2012.
  4. The one after his injury
    Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees - Game One
  5. Chosen for the American League, ‘All-Star’ group 13 times from 1998 to 2012. In 2014, the Captain knocked down the final home-winning game for the Yankees at Yankee stadium.

The Yankee stadium

Yankee stadium

The captain officially retired from his Baseball Career with commencing season of ‘014.

Derek Jeter as a philanthropist and activist:

In 1996, he opened a foundation “Turn 2 Foundation”. His goal was to encourage young people to become healthy and academically successful. He actively advocates young people to become leaders, and free themselves from drugs and alcohol. He created programs just to support this goal.

Turn 2 Foundation

Derek Jeter: contribution to the Foundation


  1. Endorsed a number of brands including NIKE, Fleet Bank, Ford, Visa, Skippy and Gillette. Also brand Ambassador for sports website tailored to children- Weplay.
    EndorsementsEndorsement for NIKE brand
  2. In 2015, Jeter proposed his girlfriend- Hannah Davis. They were officially declared as couples on July, 2016.

4 Career lessons that Jeter learned from as a member of New York Yankees:

  • Don’t only set goal, but work towards them.

"I know they say that when you dream you eventually wake up. Well, for some reason, I've never had to wake up. Not just because of my time as a new York Yankee but also because I am living my dream every single day."

  • Don’t be afraid to fail.

"You're going to fail more than you succeed. If you don't keep your emotions in check, it's going to be hard to come to the field every day. I learned that at a young age."

  • Pace yourself

"I've always tried to focus on what's next. The next goal and the next goal. When I was going for 3,000 hits, my parents told me, 'Listen, you need to enjoy it, as opposed to just getting it over with.' So I want to take it all in." 

  • Lead by example



Let’s have a look at his home winning game for the Yankees before his official retirement.