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coverCristiano Ronaldo

Born on February 5, 1985, Portugal

A phenomenon, Ronaldo got into this career because of this father who was an equipment manager at boy’s club. In his early teens, his deftness had grown considerably. He then signed with Sporting Portugal in 2001. After playing exceedingly well with Manchester United, Players from Man United asked their manager to sign contract with Ronaldo to join their team. After all, Ronaldo ended up joining Manchester United where he was given attractive income for his extraordinary services.

The first International Trophy for the Portuguese team was also secured by Ronaldo, this was when Portuguese played against France in European Championship.

First International Trophy

Really happy with one’s own achievement, Ronaldo was able to be motivating team player for his team members.

Playing incredibly well, Ronaldo was able to beat Lionel Messi duing FIFA 2016 and was recognized as the Best Player of the Year.


Playing for FIFA World Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi

The rivals against each other.

 As a team player in Manchester United

Unbeatable Ronaldo, exposed his talent amongst the team members by scoring teams first three goals and helping them secure the Championship (FA Cup Final 2004). He was also capable of earning himself ‘FIFA World of the Year’ Honor and securing the Franchise’s reputation in this very sporting event.

Man United

Ronaldo’s contribution as a Man United team player.

Unfortunately, the struggle he had to pass through because of his family problems spoiled his career in Man United Club. Despite his commitment, his performance in this team was called into constant questions. Finally he made his decision to leave the team. This was the new challenge that he had to face.

How Real Madrid and Ronaldo goes along together:

June 2009 was life turning phase of his life. After signing 6 year contract with Real Madrid, Ronaldo was then transferred to this team for certain fee. After completion of 6 year contract, Ronaldo then renewed his contract which would keep him at the club till 2018.

Real Madrid's Ronaldo celebrates his goal against Villarreal during their Spanish first division soccer match at Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid

Your love makes me strong and your hate makes me unstoppable.

Superstar and his contributions to Consecutive 3 World Cup:

Success was tattooed on his name. Having scored second highest goal by Ronaldo, Portugal was qualified to enter into World Cup in 2006. After the change in coach, Ronaldo captained the Portuguese team in World Cup 2010. They were knocked out by Spain after reaching top 16. Being ‘a respected star’ amongst his team player, Ronaldo performed prolifically and achieved 100 caps for his national team during World Cup 2014.

His endless practice and patience has helped him develop proficient football skills. Thus, this has been motivation to current as well as budding footballers.

christiano Ronaldo

Getting a bit more into his personal life:


Very much shut when revealing about his personal life, Ronaldo has recently revealed about his son. He gives his son the same name that his carries which happens to be Jr. Cristiano Ronaldo. Having dated high profile women, Alice Goodwin, Gemma Atkinson and Irina Shyak his lips are still tight when it comes to tell something about his wife.

Is it only about football?

 A well know star for his philanthropic contribution, Ronaldo has rebuild Indonesia after devastating Tsunami in 2004. He has also campaigned around Footballers to fight against Ebola. Also his works extends for needy and underprivileged people around the world.

christiano Ronaldo How Ronaldo feels after beating his rival on his highest earning player in 2016.


  • Too hard to believe:

The 29 year-old Soccer- Ronaldo stud and 29 year-old model-Irina Shayk ended up their 5 year old relationship.

It’s shocking how these awesome couples split despite the model being too close with Ronaldo’s family.

Irina says that, “All the negative rumors about the two and are all false and isn’t the reason why two ended up leaving each other.”


Twosome splits






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