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Rafael Nadal | His Journey | Achievements | Personal Life

Rafael Nadal-Tennis Player: Rafael Nadal: Born on June 3, 1986, Spain Tenacious player, Nadal started playing Tennis when he

Rafael Nadal-Tennis Player:

Rafael Nadal: Born on June 3, 1986, Spain
Tenacious player, Nadal started playing Tennis when he was 3. He became expert in this field when he was 15 years old in the year 2001. This little child, Nadal was too much enthused into playing tennis. His enthusiasm and hard work led a professional tennis player Toni Nadal to work with him. At the age of 8, Nadal won under 12-champioship. This encouraged his uncle, Toni to train him extensively. Then, Nadal was taught to play with his left-hand, thinking it would help him when he was in the court.

Rafael Nadal

Striving for excellence, at his age of 12, he won Spanish and European Tennis titles.

Achievements after he was recognized pro in this field:

At the age of 16, he was capable to go through Boys’ single tournament of Wimbledon. After player, Boris Becker, he was able to go through third round at Wimbledon tournament when he was 17.

At his age of 19, he was ranked no. 3 around the globe when he won 11 singles. He also won French Open in 2005 (when he was 19).

Injured in foot and shoulder, Nadal didn’t fail to show his talent. He added another award to his French Open title and was rewarded with 4 awards the same year. It was when he won the title in 2006.

2008’s achievement was another big achievement for him when he won another French Open title and Wimbledon title (where he defeated his rival Roger Federer). Tough in his top-spin heavy shots, Nadal made up to be one of the “Big Four” of men’s tennis for next several years. Also he won Australian Open in the same year. Toughest player, Nadal also won U.S. Open in the year-2010. Winning subsequent titles helped him achieve career Golden Slam– victories at all four major. Also, he was recognized with Olympic Gold.

Rio Players Tennis Olympics

 Spaniard winning Golden Slam

In 2013, Nadal won his 8th French Open by defeating his fellow David Fererer.

Achievements never leaving his way, he won his 9th French Open and 14th Golden Slam in the year 2014.
His wrist injury compelled him to withdraw from U.S. Open in 2014. After that he played limited matches for that year.

Stumbling through several matches in the year 2015, he managed to make him satisfied by holding Mercedes Cup in Germany.

Mercedes Cup 2015 - Day 9

Rafael Nadal at Mercedes Cup in Germany

Rafael Nadal Barcelona Open goes in his hand

In, 2017 Nadal suffered a great lost when Roger defeated him in the finals of Australian Open. But, he bounced back in five sets. Seeing his immense effort despite injuries in various part of this body to defeat his fellow, this very fellow- Roger appraised his performance. Roger paid tribute to Nadal. He said, “I’d like to congratulate Rafa on an amazing comeback, too,” Federer said. “I don’t think either one of us thought we would be in the final at the Australian Open this year. And I am happy for you. I would’ve been happy to lose to you tonight, too, really.”

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Overview of Australian Open:

Australian Opens Played: 11

Events Entered: Men’s Singles

Best Singles Performance: Winner (2009)

Best Doubles Performance: 3rd Round (2004, 2005)

Year turned pro: 2001

Career matches won: 808

Year to date matches won: 2

Current 52 week rank for singles: 9

High rank for singles: 1

High rank for doubles: 26

Career Prize Money: $78,737,302 USD

(Aus Open)

Rafael Nadal and his personal life:

For Nadal, families were the ones who protected him from dangerous and distracting events of life and to support him and create an environment of trust that allowed his talent to flower. He considered family to be cocoon of life. The three most important person of his life were his mother, his girlfriend (Maria Francisca Perello) and his sister.

his girlfriend

Rafael Nadal with his girlfriend


Charities and Foundation supported: City Harvest, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation & Small Steps Project

Causes supported: AIDS, HIV, At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths, Children, Health, Hunger, Poverty and Sports

Breaking News:

Nadal shows off bulging biceps and toned torso to his long term girlfriend, Xisca Perello who dutifully watched him. He wore a pair of white shorts and orange sneakers worked with the look, while orange socks and coordinating sweatbands acted as essential accessories. This no doubt impressed all the female onlookers. He’s regarded as star attractions at Brisbane International.

Rafael Nadal


Few highlights of Spaniard- Rafael Nadal:

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